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When you’re developing web applications, every day there’s a new challenge waiting for you: a new vulnerability found in a library you use, a new service you need to integrate with, refactoring old code, … . The list goes on.

DuckDuckGo Search

For many developers a search engine is their primary source of information. Their search query will produce a list of links to blog posts, online videos or an active forum.

This behavior works well to get things done, but even if the solution is explaining why the chosen path was taken, developers are missing out the underlying thought process and won’t remember the solution a week later.

I don’t remember why I did this

How can in2it help?

We believe that good training will provide a fundamental basis that will explain how things work under the hood, so when something happens or a challenge has to be met, the developer can offer a solution based on knowledge instead of copy and pasting.

PHPUnit masterclass

Go check out our training courses and discover how they can boost your development team’s knowledge and velocity.

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